Red Giant Coffee Roasters is a specialty grade, craft coffee company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have coffee shops in Redwood City, and San Mateo.  We roast our coffee in a facility located in Palo Alto.  The company was started by a few local founders who are very passionate about coffee.  We believe great coffee is the result of everyone’s dedication to quality - from the coffee farmers to the importers, roasters, and the baristas.  Everyone plays a role in creating the perfect cup of coffee for our consumers.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, we take advantage of technology all around us.  We use the latest and best roast-tracking software, and we evaluate our coffee profiles based on a combination of data and taste analysis.  Our goal is to remain highly critical of our coffee, and we try to make continuous improvements to expand on our own idea of the perfect cup.

What makes us Unique?

Environmentally friendly:

1) We have a Cup Swap program at our coffee shops to cut down on the use of disposable paper cups.

2) During our coffee roasting process, we use water to reduce roasting smoke instead of traditional after burner.  Traditional after burner uses a lot of energy to burn away smoke which could be counter productive.  Our machine uses regular tab water which results in less smoke and energy consumption.

Unique and Tailored Experience for Wholesale Customers:

·        We offer free onsite consultation by testing our coffee using your equipment.  We then use that information to customize a roasting profile that will be tailored to your coffee brewing equipment in order to maximize flavors.

·        We also offer free onsite coffee trainings/classes to your employees who are interested.

·        We provide ongoing support and consultation for all your coffee needs.

Please feel free to reach out to us at info@redgiantcoffeeroasters.com or 415-425-4516 if you have any questions.


To learn more about the people behind Red Giant Coffee Roasters, see People.