Red Giant Coffee Roasters is a local coffee shop and roaster in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In addition to serving coffee from high quality local roasters in our coffee shop located in Redwood City, we also roast our own coffee in small batches at a facility located in Palo Alto, California.  The company was started by a few local founders who are very passionate about coffee.  We believe great coffee is the result of everyone’s dedication to quality.  From the coffee farmers, importers, roasters, and the baristas, everyone has to be committed to quality in order for our end customers to enjoy a great cup of coffee.  We aim to make continuous improvement and to never be fully satisfied with our coffee. 


We source our green coffee from different specialty grade coffee importers.  Some of these importers include Coffee Shrub, Olam, Cafe Imports, and Royal.  These importers are some of the top green coffee importers in the United States.  They have been sourcing, developing, and selling high quality coffee for many years.  Their efforts to improve quality at the farms means they are consistently able to source coffee of the highest grade.  To find out more, visit some of their websites: www.coffeeshrub.com, www.cafeimports.com, www.olamspecialtycoffee.com, www.royalcoffee.com


At Red Giant, we roast our coffee on a San Franciscan SF-6 coffee roaster.  The San Franciscan Roaster Company is located in Carson City, Nevada.  It is among few other companies that manufacture their coffee roasters here in the United States.  Their coffee roasters have earned a highly respectable reputation in the industry and are considered one of the best coffee roasting machines currently available.  In the hands of a skilled roaster, it is capable of bringing out all the flavors a coffee has to offer.  To learn more, visit www.sanfranroaster.com


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